We study the scattering of surface plasmons from sub-wavelength holes and find that it exhibits a stronger wavelength dependence than the traditional λ−4 scaling found for Rayleigh scattering of light from small particles. This experimental observation is consistent with recent theoretical work and linked to the two-dimensional nature of the surface plasmon and the wavelength dependence of its spatial extent in the third dimension. The scattering cross sections are obtained with a frequency-correlation technique, which compares intensity speckle patterns observed behind various random structures of holes and recorded at different wavelengths. This powerful technique even allows us to distinguish between scattering of surface plasmons into photons and scattering into other surface plasmons.

Opt. Express

van Beijnum, F., Meeussen, A., Rétif, C., & van Exter, M. P. (2014). Rayleigh scattering of surface plasmons by sub-wavelength holes. Opt. Express, 22(9), 10317–10331. doi:10.1364/OE.22.010317