Nanoscale materials are promising for optoelectronic devices because their physical dimensions are on the order of the wavelength of light. This leads to a variety of complex optical phenomena that, for instance, enhance absorption and emission. However, quantifying the performance of these nanoscale devices frequently requires measuring absolute absorption at the nanoscale, and remarkably, there is no general method capable of doing so directly. Here, we present such a method based on an integrating sphere but modified to achieve submicron spatial resolution. We explore the limits of this technique by using it to measure spatial and spectral absorptance profiles on a wide variety of nanoscale systems, including different combinations of weakly and strongly absorbing and scattering nanomaterials (Si and GaAs nanowires, Au nanoparticles). This measurement technique provides quantitative information about local optical properties that are crucial for improving any optoelectronic device with nanoscale dimensions or nanoscale surface texturing

European Research Council (ERC) , NWO
E. Verhagen (Ewold)
ACS Nano
Nanoscale Solar Cells

Mann, S., Sciacca, B., Zhang, Y., Wang, J., Kontoleta, E., Liu, H., & Garnett, E. (2017). Integrating Sphere Microscopy for Direct Absorption Measurements of Single Nanostructures. ACS Nano, 11(2), 1412–1418. doi:10.1021/acsnano.6b06534