We demonstrate the operation of a miniaturized all-electronic CMOS based THz spectrometer with performances comparable to that of a THz-TDS spectrometer in the frequency range 20 to 220 GHz. The use of this all-electronic THz spectrometer for detection of a thin TiO2 layer and a B. subtilis bacteria film on top of a plasmonic surface is evaluated. The detection of deeply subwavelength layers with comparable performance as a femtosecond laser based THz-TDS spectrometer is demonstrated. The size of the all-electronic spectrometer is 5 cm by 1cm. The high degree of integration of this spectrometer in combination with plasmonics enhanced sensitivity opens the way to bring THz spectroscopy to consumer applications or to the practitioner's office.

New York: IEEE

Berrier, A., Schaafsma, M. C., Gómez Rivas, J., Schäfer-Eberwein, H., Haring Bolivar, P., Tripodi, L., & Matters-Kammerer, M. K. (2015). Electronic THz-spectrometer for plasmonic enhanced deep subwavelength layer detection. In 45th European Microwave Conference (EuMC), 6th - 10th September, Paris, France : Proceedings (pp. 925–928). doi:10.1109/EuMC.2015.7345915