After 60 years of research, silicon solar cell efficiency saturated close to the theoretical limit, and radically new approaches are needed to further improve the efficiency. The use of tandem systems raises this theoretical power conversion efficiency limit from 34% to 45%. We present the advantageous spectral stability of using voltage-matched tandem solar cells with respect to their traditional series-connected counterparts and experimentally demonstrate how singlet fission can be used to produce simple voltage-matched tandems. Our singlet fission silicon–pentacene tandem solar cell shows efficient photocurrent addition. This allows the tandem system to benefit from carrier multiplication and to produce an external quantum efficiency exceeding 100% at the main absorption peak of pentacene.

ACS Energy Lett.
Hybrid Solar Cells

Pazos-Outón, L., Lee, J. M., Futscher, M., Kirch, A., Tabachnyk, M., Friend, R., & Ehrler, B. (2017). A Silicon–Singlet Fission Tandem Solar Cell Exceeding 100% External Quantum Efficiency with High Spectral Stability. ACS Energy Lett., 2(2), 476–480. doi:10.1021/acsenergylett.6b00678