We study the relaxation of the O-H stretch vibration of water in aqueous salt solutions using femtosecond two-color pump-probe spectroscopy. The vibrational lifetimes are measured for a series of salts consisting of the anions Cl-, Br-, and I- and the cations Li+, Na+, and Mg2+, for a range of concentrations from 0.5 M up to 6 M (chloride salts), 9 M (bromide salts), and 10 M (iodide salts). In addition to the previously found dependence of the vibrational lifetime on the nature of the anion, the lifetime is found to depend on concentration and is observed to show a small but significant dependence on the nature of the cation. We present a model in which all the effects of ions on the vibrational relaxaton of liquid water are accounted for.