The Grid-based Virtual Laboratory AMsterdam (VLAM-G) provides a science portal for distributed analysis in applied scientific research. DAS-2 is a wide-area distributed computer of 200 Dual Pentium-III nodes, distributed over five Dutch universities. During the iGrid conference, the current reference implementation of VLAM-G was evaluated with an application from the chemo-physical application domain on the DAS-2. It was shown how data flows are instantiated on DAS-2 resources, driven by an information management system that is designed to extract information from raw data sets. Both the information management system and data processing modules are provided by the middleware of the Virtual Laboratory (VL). This paper describes the software and hardware setup of this study, and evaluates the use and performance of the VLAM-G science portal.
Future Generat. Comp. Syst.

Hendrikse, Z. W., Belloum, A. S. Z., Jonkergouw, P. M. R., Eijkel, G., Heeren, R., Hertzberger, L. O., … Vasunin, D. (2003). Evaluating the VLAM-G toolkit on the DAS-2. Future Generat. Comp. Syst., 19, 815–824. doi:10.1016/s0167-739x(03)00062-1