The generation of broadband tunable optical pulses is demonstrated in the range of 1050-1300 nm with noncollinear optical parametric amplification of white-light seed pulses in potassium titanyl phosphate (KTiOPO4). Pulse bandwidths of 50 nm (12 THz) are demonstrated with pulse energies up to 20 µJ when pumped with 500 µJ, 150 fs pulses centered at 802 nm. The required signal-pump angles range from 1.9° to 5.0°. The pulse duration was 60 fs after compression.

Appl. Opt.
Ultrafast Spectroscopy

Nienhuys, H.-K., & Bakker, H. (2008). Noncollinear optical parametric amplification in potassium titanyl phosphate pumped at 800 nm. Appl. Opt., 47, 2870–2873. doi:10.1364/ao.47.002870